Sep. 20, 2018

Under Cover Of Night Full Movie Hd 1080p

Under Cover Of Night Full Movie Hd 1080p >>> DOWNLOAD

A crazed, philandering professor prevents his studious wife from leaving him by committing the perfect murder.

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original title: Under Cover of Night

genge: Action,Comedy,Mystery

imdb: 6.5

duration: 1h 11min

tags: A NEW super-sleuth! Be first to discover him! (original poster)

keywords: policeman, detective, cigarsmoking, rubberball, bottle, collector, ritualmask, cigarettesmoking, sleuth, tuxedo, damselindistress, campus, vamp, slang, cashier, waiter, masseur, doctor, districtattorn


















































A crazed, philandering professor prevents his studious wife from leaving him by committing the perfect murder. This MGM mystery programmer shows the usual gloss, with plenty of money spent on sets, costumes and a full cast roll not only from Metro's company, but with Henry Daniell in his usual role of suave, low-affect nasty, Edmund Lowe being as bombastic as always -- he sports a one-foot white cigarette holder -- and even Dean Jagger in a move up from Gower Gulch, still sporting a toupee -- the previous year he had starred in REVOLT OF THE ZOMBIES.

But these actors, and Andy Hardy's aunt, Sara Haden, giving a very oddly stylized rendition of a woman having a heart attack, are not the point of this movie. The real fun is provided by the air of lurking dread that pervades this movie, thanks to some astonishing proto-noir lighting by DP Philip Clarke. Usually at Metro, the rule was to turn on all the lights so people could see the gloss. However, in the effectively 'B' section, they sometimes let standards slip and here it works tremendously to the film's advantage. Henry Daniell is an unethical professor in "Under Cover of Night," an MGM programmer starring Edmund Lowe and Sara Haden, a very young Dean Jagger, and Nat Pendleton.

We see the crime brought about up front, and then watch "Chris Cross" (Lowe) figure it out. It all hinges on a sort of which came first, the chicken or the egg scenario.

Professor Marvin Griswald is planning on taking credit for his wife's (Sara Haden) research and has plans for himself and a younger woman. His wife gets wind of it and is upstairs packing to leave him; Marvin has to act quickly and get his hands on her notes.

Lowe was a leading man with Broadway credits who started working in films in the teens. By this time, he was a character actor. Openly gay, he married actress Lilyan Tashman, also openly gay, probably for the sake of their careers, but the couple obviously enjoyed a great friendship. They were a very popular Hollywood couple and known for lavish entertaining and high living. When Tashman died of cancer, Lowe was at her side.

Atmospheric film movies quickly and has a very good cast.


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